The MCC Foundation Hubs

"I would like to see an MCC Foundation Hub in every town in the UK and more than one in London."
Mike Brearley

How the Hubs Work

In 1975, 70% of England Test cricketers playing in the Ashes Series were from state schools. In 2013, that figure had fallen to just 35%. The majority of top cricketers are increasingly drawn from independent schools, as a result of cricket not now being played in a majority of state schools.

In 2011, the MCCF initiated six pilot cricket ‘Hubs’ across the UK to identify talented athletes in state schools between the ages of 11-15 and provide them with professional coaching. There are now 54 MCC Foundation Cricket Hubs across the UK, which offer high-quality cricket coaching to talented children in the state school system, who have displayed the potential to become good cricketers.

The Hubs are put together, funded and mentored by the MCC Foundation. The day-to-day running of each Hub is left to a local Hub Manager, who runs local trials to identify talented children and who oversees the coaching sessions. With the exception of Felsted and Newham, which are exclusively for girls, MCCF Hubs are open to both boys and girls.

MCC generously supports the Foundation by covering our administration costs. However, we are entirely reliant on donations from individuals and others to expand the Hub concept for schools in the UK. Any help you can give would be most appreciated. Please click here to be taken to our donation page, where you will find information about making single and regular gifts, and Legacy Giving.


"Our son is very passionate about cricket. Unfortunately he does not have a group of friends who share his passion and, as a family, we could never give him the time he needs. The Tuesday and Saturday sessions have been a godsend; he has now become so confident in his cricket, and truth be told more confident in general. His improvement during the sessions has been quite phenomenal. We cannot wait to see all he has learned be used during this season's play."

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