Making a donation

There are a number of ways of making a tax-efficient gift which benefits the MCC Foundation and, at the same time, reduces the amount of tax paid by the donor.

Donations of cash by UK tax payers are covered by the Gift Aid scheme, by which the MCCF can recover 25p from the Inland Revenue for every £1 donated – at no extra cost to the donor. Please choose the relevant form below to suit the kind of donation you wish to make.

To Make A Donation Via Virgin Giving

Please click on the logo below and kindly let us know if you would like your donation to go to a particular area of our work, or whether it is an unrestricted gift.

Donating Shares

Donating shares to charity can be a very tax-effective way of giving. Should you wish to make or discuss a charitable donation of shares, please contact the Foundation Director. Should you wish to make a charitable donation of a small parcel of shares, which would cost more to sell than they are worth, you will find information on how to do this at  Please remember to mention the MCC Foundation when making your donation.

Corporate Support

There are many ways in which your company can support us, whether through a donation or by offering pro bono work. For more information, please contact the Foundation Director.


"I supported the Foundation because I believe that what it is doing to provide specialist coaching for gifted cricketers attending state schools is essential for the life blood of the game. The MCCF has delivered a superb programme for me in Tottenham and I have met other donors who are equally delighted with the work carried out by the Foundation."

Paul Knox - MCC Member and Supporter of the MCCF Tottenham Hub