The MCC Foundation (MCCF) exists to encourage and support the playing of cricket anywhere in the world. At the heart of everything we do is the belief that the game of cricket is about more than developing sporting excellence – it also builds self-esteem and life skills, and acts as a bridge across classes and countries.


With the aim of spreading the spirit of cricket to as wide an audience as possible, a main objective of the MCC Foundation is to encourage the playing of cricket to a standard of excellence in our state secondary schools.  In 2011, we set up six pilot cricket ‘Hubs’ around the country to provide high-level coaching to children in some of these schools.  These six Hubs became 12, then 19, coaching nearly 700 children in 2014, many of whom have the potential to become very good cricketers.  Ten more Hubs have joined the scheme in 2015, making 29 in all.  More information on this initiative can be found on our Hub page.  


The MCCF is committed to building on the work of MCC in supporting cricket abroad. We are involved in a broad range of projects in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Rwanda, where our aim is to encourage and grow the playing of cricket, with the help of our charity partners in those countries.


Although MCC generously supports the Foundation by covering our administration costs, we are reliant on donations to support our work.  Any help you can give would be most appreciated.  You will find information under ‘How to Contribute’ about making single and regular gifts, and Legacy Giving.

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MCC Foundation Langley Cricket Hub plays Eton College